At Death's Door

At Death's Door

A girl who is dying meets a boy who never will.

Elta doesn’t care that her cancer has come back—she’s made her peace with it. She only cares about living the rest of her days in relative quiet and comfort. But her new neighbour seems determined to disrupt the rest of her peaceful existence. Not only does he manage to show up wherever she goes, but he also seems to have a strange sickness of his own.

AT DEATH’S DOOR is the first novel I ever wrote. It was also written in its entirety for NaNoWriMo, an annual challenge to writers to write a whole novel in a month—yes, a month. As such, it is a rougher work and I no longer feel it reflects my current work, so I’ve pulled it from public availability.

However, the book and its sequel have ammassed over a million reads online and it holds a special place in my reader's hearts. So, if you really want to read this book (as well as its sequel AT DEATH'S SIDE), it still available for download on my Patreon.

This book has been Archived

This book has been archived from the public. You can still get a copy by pledging to my Patreon where you will get access to ALL my work, old and new.

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