The Other Side

The Other Side

Lenore almost got everything she wanted.

Forced to live with her distant mother, Lenore is not looking forward to her final years of high school. But her outlook improves when a kind local boy named Victor catches her eye. Their chemistry is immediate and soon Lenore thinks her time here won't be as painful as she had imagined.

Until, one day, Victor goes missing in the woods behind her house and is presumed dead.

And everyone thinks Lenore has something to do with it. It doesn't help that her aunt—the one who went missing herself —was suspected of a similar crime almost ten years ago. If only there was some way to covince them otherwise.

And then… Victor comes back.

This book is a Work in Progress

This is something I’m currently working on. If you want updates on my progress—including first drafts of chapters—check out my Patreon and Wattpad account, where I give my patrons first-looks at all my work.

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