Sequel to The Psychic Next Door

The Psychic Within

Book 2 of The Psychic Curse
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The Psychic Within

Rachel just wants to feel normal again.

After narrowly escaping the wrath of the Beast—and its deranged master—returning to an ordinary life seems impossible for Rachel, especially with her psychic boyfriend Luc around. It doesn't help that Rachel is tortured every night by nightmares... Nightmares that are beginning to bleed into her waking life.

The appearance of a ghostly girl only she can see threatens what's left of Rachel's sanity. It doesn't help that Luc thinks it's all in her head, a product of past trauma and strained nerves. He's psychic after all; wouldn't he know?

But as more and more apparitions begin to appear, Rachel begins to doubt Luc's assurances. These ghostly girls seem to want something from her. With no one on her side, Rachel is forced to go hunting for her own answers. Only, she might not like what she finds...

As unsettling and twisted as the first book, THE PSYCHIC WITHIN will drag you in and not let you go.

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